What do we say to the god of Death? Not today.

Amunet, girl? No, much older. 

for the-girl-who-reads-a-lot: Eva Green in Penny Dreadful 2/8

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Happy Birthday!

Thank you :)

It’s my birthday again

where did the entire year go? o.O

I haven’t been on tumblr much cause I’ve been visiting relatives and friends on vacation their internet has been spotty. I’ll get back to the remainder of the prompts when I get back to my home. 

Either way *throws confetti*






as a white person, i apologize.

i apologize for the special privileges i will receive. i apologize for the fact that innocent young poc are being killed in the streets while white murderers and rapists not only walk free, but are sympathized with. i apologize for the blatant racism in the world today and i apologize on behalf of the white people who turn a blind eye to it because they think its not their problem. as a white person i apologize.

We don’t want your apology, we want you to do stand up and do something

we don’t want you to apologize for being white either, please just do something other than say sorry. discuss this with your friends, talk about it at the table. but do something other than apologize, cause an apology won’t save future people.

The goddamn bolded.

And what do you seek to escape?

Perhaps the same thing you do. We all have our curses, don’t we?

for the-girl-who-reads-a-lot: Eva Green in Penny Dreadful 1/8

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Aw, shucks :) 

greetings from Split, Croatia :)

I am Groot


Seen @ the catacombs of Diocletian’s palace / at the statue of the Mother


Title: Unexpected
Author/Artist: wnnbdarklord
Recipient: qwanderer
Ship(s): Darcy/Rhodey, minor background pairings
Characters: Darcy, Rhodey, Jane, Tony, Bruce
SummaryThe thing that bugged Darcy about the whole “soulmates” thing was how romanticized it all was. That didn’t mean she didn’t feel a thrill of excitement when she felt the first flutter of a potential bond.
Warnings: soulmate AU, mostly implied sexual content, mild swearing
Link: here